Strategic consulting for the company

The strategic consultancy provided by Idea-Re is aimed at defining an industrial development model based on innovation.

In particular, Idea-Re proposes a project funding/project raising activity, which allows research and innovation to be funded in a virtuous manner, identifying the best strategy that combines economic advantages and technical feasibility.

The consultancy activities also include reshoring, which means evaluating the convenience of transferring investments back to Italy thanks to the combined opportunities offered by subsidized finance, as:

  • R&D tax credit
  • Patent Box
  • “Industry 4.0” hyper-depreciation
  • Training 4.0
  • European tenders

Strategic consulting activities include:

  • Evaluation of the Company profile according to the available opportunities
  • Technical and administrative consultancy for feasibility, formulation, revision and final writing of research projects
  • Support for the preparation of investment plans relating to “Industry 4.0”
  • Support for the preparation of industrial plans