R&D and Innovation

Idea-Re supports companies in carrying out creative and systematic activities aimed at increasing knowledge and identifying innovative applications of previously acquired knowledge.

Project Funding and Consultancy

Idea-Re combines the skills of a research group with those of a team of consultants for business, strategy and finance. The offered service is itself a product of the real synergy within the group.

Industry 4.0

Idea-Re is a Technology Transfer Center 4.0 certified in: Vertical and horizontal integration; Industrial Internet, Internet of Things and/or Internet of Machines; Cloud; Cybersecurity and business continuity; Big Data and Analytics.


Advanced Training

Idea-Re offers high-level training courses in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. This activity is the natural extension of dissemination activities carried out in the context of R&D projects. Idea-Re is certified for continuous and permanent training and for higher training.