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Idea-Re is the link between the world of production and that of knowledge.

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The company Idea-Re is an innovative startup with a high-intensity knowledge application created with the specific intent of providing integrated services to companies in the field of Research and Development and, in a broader sense, of providing strategic consulting services linked to innovation, based on an original multidisciplinary approach to R&D activities.

Idea-Re is a new company, but rich in experience: all its founding members come from the academic world and boast specific skills in applied research, in carrying out experimental campaigns and in the education field.


Idea-Re provides consulting in the field of R&D and takes an active role in the corporate strategy. Idea-Re meets all needs of companies that undertake innovation paths, achieving the best synergy between specialized skills, financial planning and facilitating disciplines.


Idea-Re is the link between the world of production and that of knowledge. Idea-Re interprets innovation according to a paradigm that combines the needs of companies with the scientific approach of the research and the creativity of researchers.


Idea-Re has a holistic approach based on three pillars


Idea-Re combines the skills of a research group with those of a team of business, strategic and financial consultants: the service offered is itself a “product” of the real synergy within the group

Project funding

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The national and European subsidizing programs – Europlanning, R&D Tax Credit, Patent Box… – are the lever that virtuously supports every innovation strategy.

Idea-Re assists enterprises in identifying the best combination of opportunities in relation to their development projects.

Vertical Skills

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Skills are the basis of the activity of Idea-Re, which carries out consulting and research activities in many scientific and technological fields, directly or through its Hub.

All partners and collaborators of Idea-Re have carried out high-level training courses and are qualified exclusively at ISCED 7 and ISCED 8 levels according to the ISCED 2011 classification.

Intellectual Property

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A significant attention to the complex discipline of intellectual property (I.P.) is essential for any company that undertakes an innovation path.

Idea-Re supports companies both in the protection of I.P. and in the development of cyber security strategies, which, first and foremost, concern the data transmitted to us.

Idea-re is associated with

a team of researchers and business, strategic and financial consultants

Strategic consulting services for the company

The Idea-Re team operates across all corporate functions, both as a coordinator of the development of innovation and related strategies, and as a proponent of initiatives that constitute the core of strategic development and investment plans.

Idea-Re is a reference point for all services related to R&D activities.

Research and Development

Idea-Re supports companies in the emergence of R&D activities, in their analysis, formalization and enhancement, also in relation to specific national and European subsidizing disciplines.

Research Projects


Project IBM

Project IBM

The research project IBM (Innovation in Business Modeling – Innovation in the development of business models) intends to explore the effects of R&D activities in support of the creation of innovative business models. The first phase of the project involves the...

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Project IRMA

Project IRMA

The IRMA research project (Innovative Risk Management Approach – Development of innovative methods to support risk analysis and mitigation) intends to explore the possibility of defining an innovative service to companies, for the creation of a single contact person...

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Project DPR&DI

Project DPR&DI

The research project DPR&DI (Digital Platform for R&D and Innovation projects – Development of a digital platform for research and development and innovation projects) intends to create an innovative PaaS platform (Platform as a Service) for the management of...

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