Idea-RE will join the “International Workshop on AI for Quantum and Quantum for AI” as part of AIxIA 2023

The AIxIA – International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence is an event organized by AIxIA (Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence), together with Università Roma Tre, Università Sapienza di Roma and Università di Roma Tor Vergata and CNR.

 The conference, which will take place in Rome from 6 to 9 November 2023, aims to increase public awareness on artificial intelligence, encourage its teaching and promote research in the field.

Idea-Re will join the workshop “AIQxQIA – AI for Quantum and Quantum for AI” on the 7th of November with the contribution “A novel approach to face early pandemics using QUBO models”, where an innovative algorithm for the optimization of epidemiological surveillance based on wastewater analysis will be presented. We will explain how the optimization problem, given in QUBO or Ising form, can be tackled using Annealing techniques, in particular Quantum Annealing on D-Wave quantum computers.