Innovation Accelerators: on the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” focus on Idea-Re and K-Digitale solutions in the AI and Quantum Computing fields

“Innovation accelerators”, this is how “La Repubblica” defines the Idea-Re and K-Digitale solutions in an article published last January.

The influential national newspaper, after the in-depth analysis published last April in the “Special Innovation” section, has once again highlighted and described the solutions that the two companies, thanks to the synergy and complementarity of skills, have created in these years of partnerships and which allow businesses and public administrations to address all phases of Digital Transformation: from the definition of objectives to the design of new business models, from the choice of technologies to the development of cutting-edge digital platforms.

The article contains an interesting focus on solutions related to Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, sectors in which the two 4.0 Technology Transfer Centers are among the main players at a national level.

 Enjoy the reading (Italian version)


Idea-Re and K-Digitale are companies of the Referentia Group, along with Convergence.