Quantum Computing: Idea-Re develops real implementations

Quantum Computing is expected, among other things, to provide an efficient resource to tackle optimization problems. Idea-Re is thus keen on applying new techniques running on quantum computers to engineering problems.

In this respect, Idea-Re has provided Blue Gold Srl with expertise and assistance on the development of new and innovative optimization methods for monitoring Water Distribution Networks.

Researchers at Idea-Re S.r.l. have developed a new optimization algorithm to place pressure sensors on generic Water Distribution Networks. The optimization problem has been formulated as a QUBO (Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization) or Ising problem and can be tackled by means of Quantum Annealing implemented on D-Wave quantum computers. The novel technique allows to locate in a relatively short time the optimal configuration for the pressure sensors. In particular, the proposed method proves to be promising to support, in real time, operational teams during the installation phase. The applied methodology is very flexible and can, in principle, be applied to any water networks.

This represents for Idea-re the first step towards solving complex real-world problems using Quantum Computing techniques.