Research activity

Idea-Re is the research HUB , a place where the multiple competences that contribute to the realization of research projects and Companies needing new knowledge.


Idea-Re brings together the skills of university departments, research groups, specialized companies and professionals, with a view to the integrated management of research activities on the most diverse topics.

The Idea-Re team, consisting mainly of PhDs and university professors with a scientific background, took part – as subcontractor coordinator or Scientific head – to multiple research activities, both contractual and internal.

The research activities carried out by Idea-Re may fall within the subsidizing framework of Tax Credit for Research and Development activities: our team is able to support the company in defining the best project funding strategy.

Idea-Re identifies the R&D activities on the basis of common characteristics and rules shared by the international scientific community, codified in the so-called “ Frascati Manual ” and, in particular, concerning the “five criteria” characterizing R&D

 The activity must be: 

novel creative ; uncertain ; systematic ; transferable and / or reproducible “.

  • Research is therefore aimed at achieving specific or general objectives
  • is aimed at new discoveries based on original concepts
  • is characterized by uncertainty, for example in terms of timeframes and financial resources necessary for the projects
  • it can be easily transferred to the market, disseminated and reproduced
  • è adeguatamente pianificata

Idea-Re supports companies in R&D activities, in their analysis, formalization and enhancement, also in relation to the specific national and European subsidy disciplines.