Energy research

Idea-Re is a reference point for all services related to R&D activities.

Idea-Re follows the transformation of the energy industry within an extended and complex cyber-physical system and carries out research and consultancy activities in the innovation of generation systems (probabilistic forecasts), transmission (plant safety), distribution (ICT systems, network optimization), storage (EV and DER integration), consumption (smart supply and demand management), trading (DSO as a facilitator in local energy markets), retail (information and communication technologies) and services (big data).

Idea-Re activities are not limited to the optimization of the performance of machines and systems, but also extend to the development of methods for minimizing the impact on the environment, with particular reference to smart buildings.

As part of the OS4.0 project, Idea-Re has developed methods and models to identify the optimal strategy to be adopted for the construction and modernization of buildings through the simultaneous optimization of multiple objectives.

Idea-Re supports companies in the emergence of R&D activities, in their analysis, formalization and enhancement, also in relation to specific national and European subsidizing disciplines.