Measurements and Metrology

Idea-RE specializes in the design, testing and operation of systems for measuring mechanical and thermal quantities

The Idea-Re team, characterized by general metrology and specific instrumentation skills, has specialized in the design and testing of systems for measuring mechanical and thermal quantities in various fields, from scientific research to industrial applications, including those related to human well-being.

The team skills extend to the operation of the equipment to be tested, to the plants to be monitored and to the systems to be controlled. The research activity is proved by high quality scientific production, with publications at the international level mainly concerning the following topics:

  • Measurements for monitoring and control systems

    Sensor integration in 4.0 systems; development of sensor networks; development of measurement methods and algorithms for real-time control systems (RTC).

  • Measurements for the characterization of components and systems

    Stress measurements by means of thermoelasticity, residual stress measurement, stress measurement on contact surfaces, stress measurement on prostheses and robot components; characterization and development of test benches, characterization of sensors, development of systems for measuring vibration of mechanical components, development of systems for contactless measurement of torsions, development of capacitive sensors for measuring pressures, measurements of vibration in the vicinity of railway embankments, measurements of dust flows

  • Measurements for the characterization of wind power plants

    Measurements for the characterization of sites destined for wind farms, SCADA data analysis for condition monitoring, measurements of wind turbine performance, statistical analysis for wind load estimation on wind turbines, mitigation of bird mortality risk by means of radar monitoring systems, measurements for diagnostics in operation on wind turbines.