Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture uses state-of-the-art sensors and environmental monitoring instruments to identify the most efficient interventions in relation to the real cultivation needs and the biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil.

In recent years, the need to enhance the territories, minimize the consumption of natural resources and the use of chemical and phytosanitary fertilizers, while optimizing agricultural production, has led to the development of innovative techniques for crop management.

Thanks to its experience in the field of meteorological forecasting, the analysis of territorial data, measurement and data processing, Idea-Re has coordinated activities related to the reduction of emissions and the development of IT technologies for precision agriculture, such as sensor networks, geolocation systems and agrometeorological models.

By using advanced methods of data analysis, also on satellite images, and adequate mathematical models, Idea-Re is developing innovative methods for supporting decisions in the agricultural sector for the improvement of yields and the minimization of the environmental impact.