Analysis of research results

The possibility of fully defining the results of a complex process such as research relates exclusively to skills from the knowledge domain, able to identify and isolate the interconnections between the different lines of research and the industrial reality on which they are based.
The analysis of the results of the research carried out by the company is, therefore, a technical-scientific activity carried out solely in support of the R&D activity, consisting in the analysis of all the research activities carried out in the context of the projects, both internally and externally, in order to:


  • Assess the progress of the project
  • Examine the results achieved and the compliance of the expected results with the set objectives
  • Identify and evaluate the produced innovations
  • Define the possible applications and the future developments of research
  • Transfer the results of research to the industrial context

Idea-Re, a company gathering all the necessary skills, is therefore capable of effectively performing this analysis, providing data useful for characterizing the innovation potential of the R&D activity carried out by the Company.