Industry 4.0

The digital transformation, implemented at the national level in the “Industry 4.0” National Plan, consists in the transformation of the production system through the use of cutting-edge methods and technologies, which include high sensorization, automation and complete interconnection of the production flows (“Intelligent Factory”).

The Italian State encourages investments in “Industry 4.0” technologies tax credits.

Idea-Re offers the following services in the field of Industry 4.0:

  • Support for planning of investments in 4.0 technologies and definition of road map for the “Digital Transformation”
  • Implementation of interconnection systems
  • Estimates and technical analysis to obtain over-amortization benefits
  • Autonomous acquisition of opinions from the MiSE in the event of uncertainties concerning the objective scope of the benefit regulations
  • Requests of clarification from the Inland Revenue in the event of uncertainties regarding the subjective and objective scope of the tax reliefs

Idea-Re is a Technology Transfer Center 4.0 certified in:

E – Vertical and horizontal integration;

F – Industrial Internet, Internet of Things and/or Internet of Machines;

G – Cloud;

H – Cybersecurity and business continuity;

I – Big Data and Analytics.