Management of research activities

Idea-Re carries out specific R&D activities and coordinates, in the complex perspective of a research project, several phases of work with different actors – R&D departments of companies, researchers, university departments, investors, grants – in order to obtain:

  • Research products resulting from innovative and original activities
  • The reduction of the uncertainty of time and costs that characterizes the research project, in order to finalize the project objectives in the set times and make the research activities consistent
  • The conduction of research in a planned fashion
  • The proper coding of the research results
  • The control over time of the persistence of the requirements characterizing the research

 The experience gained by Idea-Re led to the creation of the DPR&DI project, a cloud platform for the advanced management of research projects.


Idea-Re is the ideal partner for companies that want to carry out research projects or feasibility studies: our clients can benefit from a deduction in terms of Tax credit for research and development activities” equal to 50% of the value of the service provided, since Idea-Re is an innovative startup.