Project funding and Consultancy

Idea-Re combines the skills of a research group with those of a team of consultants for business, strategy and finance. The offered service is itself a product of the real synergy within the group. 

The Idea-Re team operates across all corporate functions, both as a coordinator of innovation development and related strategies, and as a proponent of initiatives at the core of strategic development and investment plans.

Idea-Re consulting activities include:


  • Innovation-based strategic business consulting
  • Writing of feasibility studies and research projects
  • Assessment of research activities carried out by third parties
  • Analysis of research results
  • Dissemination of results
  • Technical/administrative consulting for the presentation of research projects and funding applications
  • Technical/administrative consulting in the field of Tax Credit for R&D activities
  • Technical and financial consultancy in the field of “Patent Box”
  • Technical and financial consultancy in the field of “Industry 4.0”

In order to develop its services, Idea-Re has established collaboration agreements with partners that complete the range of its internal skills and started collaborations with various university departments.