Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property protection (IP) plays a crucial role in the strategies of companies that have made investments in the field of R&D, both by independently developing skills, products and services, and acquiring industrial property rights.

Significant attention to IP protection, together with adequate expertise in the field, is a determining factor in the Company’s development, also with a view to the entry of investors external in the corporate structure.

should also be noted that the European orientation on the subject is explicitly aimed at strengthening the incentives for the protection of of the so-called “Intangibles.”

Idea-Re carries out consultancy activities directly related to the protection of the I.P:

  • Evaluation of the innovation potential of the Company
  • Development of technological innovations aimed at obtaining patents
  • Prior art analysis
  • Drafting of patents and preparation of the patent application
  • Advice on the subject of the Patent Box