Industry 4.0

The term Industry 4.0 conventionally indicates the fourth industrial revolution.

In particular, it refers to the profound economic and social change based on the concepts of smart production, smart services and smart energy. The change under way sees the birth of a new industrial conception, the “Intelligent Factory”, characterized by a high degree of sensorization, automation and interconnection.

The “Industry 4.0” paradigm is based on enabling technologies, which can be classified as belonging to four main areas:

  • Big data:

    consists of managing and storing large amounts of data

  • Analytics

    The technologies and algorithms available for the critical analysis of acquired and archived data (big data)

  • Strengthening of human-machine interactions

    The consolidation of advanced systems and interfaces for the optimization of production spaces and processes

  • Additive manufacturing

    Associated with the ever-increasing use of advanced robotics, interactions between robots or innovative production systems

There are nine enabling technologies constituting the pillars of technological change: Big Data and AnalyticsAutonomous RobotsSimulations, Horizontal and Vertical Integration, Industrial Internet of ThingsCyber-security, Cloud, Additive manufacturing and Augmented Reality.

Idea-Re carries out consultancy and research activities concerning the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, developing skills destined to both companies and its own lines of products and services, as in the case of research project OS 4.0.