Interconnection and System Integration

Idea-Re is a reference point for all services related to R&D activities.

The necessity of interconnecting the various parts of the “Intelligent Factory” (System Integration) to respond to the functionalities defined by the Industry 4.0 paradigm often clashes with the presence of different machines and systems, characterized by high diversity.

Idea-Re provides support to develop machinery and systems integration projects, facilitating the development of innovative production systems, consisting of existing components, but capable of performing innovative functions.

Idea-Re carries out research and consultancy activities in the interconnection between systems (sensors, machines, products, IT systems) that become cyber-physical systems (SPC), able to interact with one another, so as to allow not only the optimization of specific devices/products (self-configuration, adaptation to changes, etc.), but also to develop advanced data analysis systems aimed at optimizing the entire production system.

Idea-Re supports companies in the emergence of R&D activities, in their analysis, formalization and enhancement, also in relation to specific national and European subsidizing disciplines.