VIBES 4.0 is a project of the Idea-Re and K-Digitale partnership and it is co-financed by the BIT (Technological Innovation Call) INAIL – ARTES 4.0.  Through the development of the project, Idea-Re and K-Digitale aim to exploit the potential of data relating to safety at work, collecting and organizing them in a coherent manner, analyzing and submitting them to Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and representing them in an understandable and immediate way.

VIBES 4.0 is based on the solid infrastructure of ViBES®, a SAAS Digital Platform developed by K-Digitale to encourage and support the active participation of employees in the field of Health and Safety at Work.
The platform simplifies and automates all reporting processes (e.g. accidents, near misses, potential risks, non-compliance, etc.) and the management of related improvement actions.

The VIBES 4.0 project aims to employ frontier AI methodologies to improve the effectiveness and capabilities of the VIBES platform as new data becomes available, according to a data driven approach.

It involves the developing of an hybrid system, in which localization systems, data transmission systems, AI platforms and algorithms will be integrated in a complex manner. to produce alerts to safety managers, recommendations to operators, strategic indications to management.

A further objective that we intend to achieve through the development of the data analysis environment and A.I. algorithms is that of the replicability of the solution.
The analytics database will be able to organize the data coming from VIBES to the specific analysis needs of each company. AI algorithms will be able to function in any business context.