Idea-Re at 2023 MetroLivEnv conference

Idea-Re’s research on Energy Community management systems was presented at MetroLivEnv conference.

Measurements and energy stand out among Idea-Re’s research topics. 

It was therefore natural to participate in the MetroLivEnv – IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Living Environment  conference, which was held at the “Politecnico” of Milan from 29 to 31 May.

In particular, on May 30 Massimiliano Proietti presented the research work “Energy community management system based on real-time measurements and genetic algorithms”, during the session “Towards the digital built environment: high-quality measurements to deliver data-driven services”.

Massimiliano showed the results of the development of a system for optimizing the self-consumption of Energy Communities based on genetic algorithms, created as part of the “AIREC-Artificial Intelligence to improve Renewable Energy Communities” project, funded to Sistematica S.p.A. and Free Soft & Tech S.r.l.

Together with Massimiliano, Alberto Garinei, Federico Bianchi, Alessandro Vispa, Andrea Marini, Stefano Speziali, Marcello Marconi and Emanuele Piccioni signed the research article for Idea-Re.