DPR&DI BDA Project

The DPR&DI BDA project (DPR&DI Big Data Analytics) has been developed to enable analysis and handling of Big Data arising from the DPR&DI platform. The latter is an “ad hoc” management software capabale of efficiently managing scientific and technological research projects, which are Idea-Re’s core business.

The services erogated by the company are indeed always connected to complex R&D projects. The amount of data associated to each project is significant, and their correct management holds strategic importance. This is true both for Descriptive Analytics, which is functional to the analysis of the project and its dynamics, and for Predictive Analytics, aimed at preventing the occurrence of anamalous conditions (fault prediction) and indentifying risk drivers.

The main innovations introduced by the DPR&DI-BDA projects deal with the expansion of the DPR&DI platform, specifically integrating Cloud technology to simplify its usage.

DPR&DI BDA was carried out in 2019 and was co-funded in the context of the “VOUCHER DIGITALI I4.0 – 2019” grant from the Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura Verbano Cusio Ossola.